Hello. I am a Strange girl with five cats and a dog. Likes to paint and cook. A connoisseur of homemade wine and insanely sweet cider.I love interesting conversations, good imagination. I have many hobbies. I love to learn new things =)


i can dance a lot, im really talkative women, while we are meeting i will touching myself, if you have any new pose please let me know it because when i do poses my pussy really get wet, my face is cute and sweet i hope you have a heavy load of cum for my pretty face, let me know what do you want !!


I like to be naughty, and to have new experiences.NEW-F ist Pussy, W ax Show! I like to play with my body. I also enjoy JOI, CEI & slave girl roleplay. I`m turned on by sissy sluts and cross – dressers.


I can be the angel from heaven, the devil from hell, the serious girl or the playful one, the elegant lady or simply and ordinary housewife. Mood and the person I spend time with will make me one of these. Who do you want me to be?


I am and will always be-the optimist.The hoper of far-flung hopes.The dreamer of improbable dreams.Wine,good food,piano music,books,paint ing,sea and sunsets,these are only a few things that I enjoy.I always like to discover new quirks about my soul,mind and body…Can I do that close by you?


I am a girl who loves studying, I am a student and I love it, I like to dance in a very sensual way, provoke and be observed, I really like skating and keep my body in good condition, especially my provocative ass!